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BitFury [2] positioned the project at the time as one that would promote understanding of bitcoin technology, while providing developers with a platform for experimentation. Despite a lack of public announcements on the initiative, BitFury head of product Niko Punin stated that the company’s vision for the “portable mining device” remains unchanged and that the device has simply ... Bitcoin mining giant BitFury is moving ahead with development of a previously announced prototype for a bitcoin-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) device. The original prototype, announced last June, took the form of a consumer light bulb that was capable of mining small amounts of bitcoin. BitFury positioned the project at the time as one that would promote […] It has two chips built inside it: one providing Wi-Fi and the other running bitcoin mining operations. The MicroMiner light bulb is the first Internet of Things device of this kind. The details were shared by Niko Punin, Head of Product Development at BirFury. Bitcoin startups have been working on ways to find uses for bitcoin in line with the broader trend toward connecting everyday devices to the internet. In particular, BitFury has been working on the light bulb that can mine bitcoin for quite some time and is already on its third prototype of the device. A inicios de 2016, Niko Punin, otro de los desarrolladores del producto, anunció que BitFury estaría trabajando en un dispositivo minero portable que podría ser llamado MicroMiner, el cual incluiría, como la bombilla, un chip de minería y otro de WiFi para integrarse en cualquier dispositivo inteligente (IoT).

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