When the TSLA bubble bursts, how will that effect bitcoin?

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December 05, 2012
Illiquid markets, such as Bitcoin are easy prey to manipulation. The principle is to draw attention by buying a pretty big quantity (compared to the daily number being bought and sold) and once this attention is drawn, more and more people will start buying trying to jump on the bandwagon and trying not to miss the train. This is on a larger scale exactly what happened in the summer of 2011 when the price of a BTC went all the way up to 30 USD a piece. Such phenomenons normally end up with a massive selloff, (exactly what happened in the above mentioned example when the price went down to 3 usd, losing about 90% of its value) where a lot of late joiners got burned, lost lots of money and abandoned the game saying it's rigged, when the only thing that was rigged was their intelligence. Rallies and inevitable subsequent bubble bursts aren't good for bitcoin. The movement we experienced in the last 2 days (about 7% up) isn't good for bitcoin. What we should need and hope for is a slow movement up, of about say 1-2% each week, due to a growing number of bitcoin adopters and to the fact that this adopters demand SLIGHTLY outpaces the number of bitcoins being sold by miners and people that accept payments in bitcoin but then need to translate those into fiat money. Everything else should be seen as a danger for bitcoin and not cheered as most people do. Rally is bad, not good! We all need to understand that or we will keep being a bunch of goofy beginners easy prey of speculators
June 13, 2013
Oh yes? Any evidence you can show us about what you say or was it just a bunch of empty words? We were outed by whom? A resentful advisor that never understood the difference between being an employee and a shareholder and is lying thru his teeth? C'mon, let's move on.... You blame Bitfinex not to be responsible on a crappy mountain of false allegations. Would you define yourself responsible in doing that? It's your right to choose not to be our customer, just stop intentionally lying about us. Or could it be that, as you are running coinlenders.com you just want to throw some shit on your smarter competitors? Your business must be doing really poorly if you have enough time to waste on such childish techniques. Not very professional I must say....
Have a good life
November 13, 2013
Dear Oda.krell
I understand, having a unicorn as your avatar, you must be used to animals that actually crap jewels ( unicorns actually do that ). We at Bitfinex unfortunately haven't learnt how to do that yet. The only thing we know is how to transfer money every day to our Bitstamp account. We transfer big chunks of money and we do it every day. Due to the recent cost of Bitcoin it only takes 3k of volume to dry one million usd from our Bitstamp account, so normally in about one hour our Bistamp account is dry again. Then we have to wait another day for another wire to hit our Bitstamp account. Not much we can do about it, we still can't crap money, sorry about that. When the market goes up liquidity is low (that is everybody and his sister is fully invested in BTC) and this is the 238th time I explain this.
My advice to use limit orders wasn't polemical, a limit order is actually the only effective way to avoid slippage and the fact that you call me unprofessional because I gave you an advice doesn't change things. Use limit order or accept slippage, there is no other way out.
The Bitfinex dynamic is not easy to understand, I realize that. But to ask for supernatural things (such as to transfer money we don't physically have because our customers still have to wire it to us) it belongs to the world of unicorns, not to our world.
The only thing I understand is that some people on this forum actually think before writing something, while some others just complain and throw false accusations without even realizing how things actually works. For example blaming the fact that we don't have enough BTC on Bitstamp to justify your loss just shows a complete lack of understanding of the trading mechanisms. The quantity of BTC on Bitstamp have NOTHING TO DO with a short liquidation. 8fold is actually one of the few that understands things and is always on spot with his comments (kudos to him).
And by the way, I'm the only one having an italian name around here, only me not a bunch. And the fact that we are in Honk Kong where ANOTHER company closed down doesn't mean anything, does it? Or shall we say that any company located in Hong Kong or with at least an italian sounding named employee is doomed to go bankrupt? C'mon guys, give me a break!
Having said that I think I'll leave this thread to Raphael, which is far more patient than me in taking your shit. I'm probably too old for that, I have to admit.
Have a good day folks, I'm outta here.
Giancarlo Bitfinex Team
November 29, 2013
http://www.digitalocean.com <------ based in New York - USA
http://www.hostgator.com/ <--------- based in Houston - USA
you really think having a BTC exchange hosted in the US is a good idea?
Please before replying to this email switch your brain on
March 08, 2014
Let me try to understand what you think it is a valid proof of evidence.... Writing that some non specified "third party" audited our numbers and found nothing wrong with them is something what will re-assure you about our honesty? Don't you think that a statement like this is actually as good as the person writing it? But if the person that writes it is worth your trust, what sense does it make to ask him to state something like this?
Maybe I'm trying to find a logic in something completely illogical (or I'm just really stupid) but I can't give a rational sense to a request like this.
Finally if you had unanswered emails from support on important topics please PM them to me and I'll take care of it.
Thank you and have a good day
Giancarlo Bitfinex Team
March 09, 2014
I understand logic can be taken for arrogance by people that are adverse to being logical. My post asked a very simple question: What does a statement like the following add to being more trustworthy?
A third party (non specified) performed a check on our Bitcoins and found we actually have them. No additional details will be given.
My point was that in order to trust a statement like this you must trust the source of the above statement. But if you trust the source ( whose statement doesn't add any proof of evidence into the equation ) then to ask for such a statement doesn't make sense.
Call it arrogance, I call it logic.
Have a good day
Giancarlo Bitfinex Team
June 22, 2014
Place your bet on the table and I'll explain anything you want. Then I will take your 10 BTC and give them to people that will cheer up to your stupidity. You are a kid that doesn't even know what he's talking about. If you don't like Bitfinex why do you keep trading on it, you retarded prick? As we had nothing better to do than stealing candies from retarded kids like you, you don't even have 3 btc (2.5 to be exact) in your pocket.
Grow up and learn to take the blame of your own stupidity instead of insulting others.
Just get a life.
Giancarlo Bitfinex Team
June 22, 2014
Your bitcoins are on the way. I have a reasonable explanation and offer you the possibility of making 100 btc in case I will be proven wrong. But in case you are just a douchebag full of hot air I want you to pay 10 btc, so that your ass will burn for while ( unfortunately I have no time to come and beat the shit out of your retarded brains ).
From now on please stay away, you've got plenty of trading platforms to choose from, so don't waste our time anymore with your stupid childish theories.
See you next life.
Giancarlo Bitfinex Team
June 22, 2014
Quote from: Dalmar on June 22, 2014, 12:58:08 PM LOL, I didn't know exchange owners browse this mainly trollish speculation forum.
Can you get a willy bot like Karpeles already and take us to 10,000?
Currently working on it.... :-P
Giancarlo Bitfinex Team
June 22, 2014
Transparency doesn't mean to spend time in justifying ourselves against allegations that don't make sense. MatTheTwat is blaming Bitfinex because his stop order wasn't executed at the price he selected. Now even a 5 years old retard knows that a stop loss order is executed at the best price available in that given time. It is not our fault if other ask orders were pulled when the price started to go up. This is normal as several bots are programmed in such a way, i.e. withdraw orders when the price spikes up. To blame this on the platform, accusing people to deliberately steal 30 usd is not only a symptom of douchebagness, but also of the fact that his IQ is smaller than his shoe size. I can trace the guys that had the ask orders placed and pulled them off when the price started to raise. They can come on this thread and witness that nothing is wrong with this particular case. But as I said nobody does nothing for free and I want the Twat to be exposed to his own stupidity. He has a good opportunity to make a lot of coins if he's right ( he's not). But kids like him never make facts follow their words, they are just a whisper in the wind.
Have a good day everybody, I'm off for a run
Giancarlo Bitfinex Team
January 11, 2015
Realcoin became Tether. You can find all the infos you need here: www.tether.to It's still in beta now, but it will soon launch. We as Bitfinex will adopt it and I believe a few other trading platforms will do the same ( Huobi, Okcoin etc.). Not sure about Bitstamp, but they probably will at the end if adoption goes well......
June 24, 2017
For investing purpose i hold BTC mainly. Just praying for bump :)
August 05, 2017
(Economy / Service Announcements / Re: [ANN] ChipMixer - mixing reinvented)
I cant find about fees on site. Can you pls give more information?
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BIP39 Words list

Nothing special, just a copy of the current list (for the future) of what can be found at https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/mastebip-0039/english.txt
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[Table] IAMA I'm Prince Michael of the Principality of Sealand. Est. 1967 we're the smallest Independent State in the world. Our tiny nation has seen confrontations with governments and I was kidnapped by armed terrorists.

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Date: 2013-04-16
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
I do corrosion engineering for a living and I wonder what your plan is for when the structure starts to exhibit serious structural deficiencies from corrosion of the reinforcing steel. Does your nation have the income to perform repairs/maintenance? Or will you just have to find a new home when the concrete is too far gone? It would be great to have a chat by email. Obviously it is something that will need addressing. I am not looking forwards to "Dick picks" ha ha I have deleted the address thanks. (it would never occur to me although we do get some odd questions at times)
On a scale of 1 to Joffrey. How badly do you perform as a Prince? As much as we take it seriously we have a lot of fun with it and get to travel a lot with related business. Perhaps Sealand is more of a Winterfell.
Have you ever considered invading North Korea just to save the Americans from doing it? I have been to a Korean restaurant and really liked the food but I think I will leave any invading to our neighbours and their allies.
That was obviously a South Korean restaurant, they don't have food in North Korea. Your probably right!!!
Cmon man. I thought we were friends. Your Friend, U.S.A. Yeh but I am a bit busy for the next couple of weeks and we don't have one of those sexy "Star wars" defence systems that you say you don't have and you probably hope different?
There are others more qualified to ask about your politics than myself. I'm pretty much just after the kidnapping story. Overly violent, or that scene from the movies where you watched cartoons and got to stay up late? Lasting, traumatizing effects? It was violent and at one point I was bound hand and foot, elbows knees and carried to the side and they talked in German about launching me over the side. At the time I just wanted to kill them! but it would be wrong to say there was no side effects as a few weeks later I nearly shot my best pal when he came into my room to wake me up for my watch. He kept the bullet he dug out of the wall after this incident ha ha.
What happened with the Germans who kidnapped you? Were they punished at all? Secondly, are there plans to expand/renovate the platform? Are the livingquarters luxurious, average or rather plain? We released three and kept two. one of which had committed treason. They had messed up the generators so we couldn't put him in the electric chair. We thought we might need to hang on to what bullets we had to fight off his mates, and rope was in short supply. so we let him live amongst us after a couple of days. His coffee making and washing up skills were crap and his state of mind had us queuing up for the only straight jacket we had so we could get a decent nights sleep. We decided for our own sanity to release him back into the world. On a serious note this was after a visit from a German diplomat.
So when you were kidnapped, were you technically a prisoner of war? And when you nearly shot your friend, was that technically almost civil war? Ha ha no I was just pissed off!
Curiously, does Sealand accept his right to diplomatic immunity? Could he have parked his car anywhere and not get a ticket? The German diplomat? He met my mother at the airport and she explained to him that if he wanted to visit the prisoner he would have to be searched for weapons. He very indignantly waved his diplomatic passport around and said this was not possible. My mother said ok then you cant visit and I will go. With steam coming out of his ears he eventually capitulated and agreed to a search. This presented my mother with a problem as she was on her own. Looking about her at the assembled police and special branch officers she picked one out and said " young man would you be good enough to search him for me" the young policeman took to the task with zeal and frisked him in front of his colleagues. When the helicopter arrived on Sealand we lent him protesting loudly spread eagled against the machine and searched him again, took his diplomatic passport and stamped it for him with our emigration stamp. Lucky guy, an exclusive club.
Is the idea of someone in the population trying to overthrow you an actual concern anymore? And in that vein, is the Sealandic Rebel Government still a thing? It is not a concern I have.
What is your defense plan for when another country decides to violate your sovereignty and take over? Would you become a government in exile? Do you have diplomatic relations with the Republic of Dave? We have always managed to defend ourselves in the past. Dave who??
What do you do for fun? what is there apart from rooms? What is the deal with food supplies etc? Thanks for taking the time to answer questions also, hows the internet connection? There is a small gym and the usual household set up TV and satellite connection etc. Generators, wind power mostly. Most supplies apart from fish and drinking water are imported. Thank you for being so polite.
Do you live at Sealand year round? Also, how can you afford to live on your principality? I can imagine that importing goods to a tiny fortress is expensive. Judging from the pictures, I can imagine that it would be very hard to generate a substantial income. Thats the reason i have to spend the majority of my time in the UK as we have other business interests that help support Sealand. We have very loyal supporters that help and our website www.sealandgov.org has a shop for merchandise to help take some of the pressure off.
So in essence you are like a millionaire that bought a private island for him and his 26 friends. Except you didn't buy it and can't afford to maintain it without outside donations. Wikipedia lists your GDP as $600k. What percentage of this comes from the "shop" and "donations?" The whole thing has come at great personal cost financially and otherwise to my family over the years. But yes it has made money at different times but no millions. There is no such thing as a free lunch. And we thank our supporters for their input.
Have you thought about submitting a proposal to Google to have them implement high-resolution imagery on Google Maps for your wonderful state? I have but haven't gotten around to it.
What inspired your dad to found Sealand? He wasn't happy the way the country he had fought such a hard war to defend in the second world war was going. He was wounded several time for king and country and felt let down by the establishment. Having said that he would have stepped up to the firing line to defend it again had he been needed.He was a Sealander but also a great British patriot. A paradox!
What do you do for income? In other words, how do you make your living? Sealand does not seem (as far as I can tell) to have an economy that can be taxed. Wikipedia mentions "issuing coins and postage stamps," but does that bring in enough money to support you and/or your family? We have coins (new one out soon commemorating my dad who passed away in October), stamps and also people help support the Principality by joining the Sealand nobility.
How do you get down from the platform? Is there a secret door to go sea level? I find no pictures or diagrams showing how this is possible. Or is this accessible only by helicopter and crane? Diesel hydraulic winch. Or helicopter. There are no secret doors (that we want to talk about)
What is Sealands population? We have over 50 citizens but the permanent population fluctuates dependent on work going on at the time. We're also issuing new standard passports to our citizens this year.
If other countries recognized your sovereignty, would you consider joining the United Nations? Yes if we could fund it. We have had meetinsg with the UN.
Is the North Sea your Public toilet ?? Well its part of the UK France, Holland and Belgium's public toilet I don't suppose our small contribution will make much of an impact on it!
Can you print your own money ? Yes. we are looking at ways to do it securely. Also Bitcoin sounds really interesting if they stabilize.
Prince Michael, thanks for chatting with us mainlanders. Sealand is a great story and a fun piece of world trivia, but can micronations play a more significant role in global politics? Does Sealand stand for a larger cause, aside from its own independence? It would be nice to think so but we don't have the finance and infrastructure to influence world change. We don't have the billions in taxes to sit in the United nations etc..
Is it possible for anyone to visit Sealand? All visits require a visa, requests can be made to [email protected] but tourist visas have been suspended for a while due to security measures in place.
Level with us. You personally check this email account, don't you? Ha ha no but I get copied in to emails of interest
How many tourists can you hold at once? The fortress used to hold 120 people during the war but we're set up for around 30.
I am curious, and not to seem rude, but what right did your father claim to eject one set of pirate broadcasters to set up his own station? Is that no more wrong than Germans trying to eject you and your countrymen? That's not rude.What was that famous quote by Sean Connery the world doesn't like losers. Its the winners that get to f*** the prom queen.
So,, I guess you wouldn't really mind if the British landed a SAS team and kicked you all back into the drink? Why would they? Our nearest neighbour plays by a different set of rules to the rest of the world. With respect, because I like the USA and spend a lot of time with friends and business associates there I honestly don't believe they would allow such a thing off their shores or with a pirate radio station like radio New York that was stormed and towed in. When we were in court in the UK over the warning shots episode it was suggested to government that my mother was alone on Sealand and now would be the time to strike. The reply from the minister was that would be "Bad form" not cricket old boy and unsportsmanlike! I am hugely proud of my British background.
So do you get to be king at some point? No we made it a Principality to simplify the law.
I hate to be this guy but since no one have made the claim yet, proof? Not a problem..go to our facebook page for proof Link to www.facebook.com
Also just put proof up on my personal twitter page @SealandPrince.
What does your crest represent as a whole? The coat of arms was designed by count Robert of Skylight a New Zealander. The shield has the colours of our flag red for Roy my father, black for our days in pirate radio and white for the path of virtue we try to walk today. The fist for strength, the lightning bolts for pirate radio, the fish tails for the maritime connection and of course e mare libertas ..from the sea freedom!
How do you feel about the fact that Sealand is routinely used in International Relations academia as an example of what does not constitue a state/country? I think it is very cool. The mouse that roared.
What kind of advice would you give someone who wanted to start their own country? Long pockets a lot of fortitude and you will not find a jurisdiction where it can be done these days. It would probably be more economical for you to spend your money on a three legged race horse.
So, basically, I would have to invade an already existing country, since there is no jurisdiction where it can be done. Preferably a small island, with little to no military forces, and no seats in the UN in order to avoid international repercussions... On a totally unrelated note, how strong are your defenses? If you can find such a country with a diamond or gold mine call me and I will give you a hand. Adequate!
Are there some nice updated pictures of what the inside is like? All the photos I've seen look old and trashy... From the fire etc. We will be uploading some new ones in the next few weeks.
Are there any plans to expand the size of Sealand, or form a unity with any other countries? Expansion and modernisation making a more comfortable and safer environment would be great. Anyone want to get involved? We don't feel a need for unity with other countries but are open for discussion.
What's the female:male ratio there? Do you have a harem? I wish!
He just said over 50. So what's going on here Prince Michael? Stop being so picky! Do you want to come out for a count up? All of our citizens hold dual nationality so the majority are non-residents!
You're my hero, my liege. I want you to know that you've inspired me greatly. I have one question: what's your country's greatest strength? Our supporters.
Do ye still make your own stamps and passports and can I have one? It depends. What do you do and can I have one? ha ha.
Do you have a military or police force? We have a special unit of loyal Sealander's ready to defend their country should it be required as in 1978.
What is your favorite candy and how much does it cost to import it (if you have to import it)? I don't eat the stuff I'm fat enough as it is. Don't ask about the beer!
What's the hardest part about ruling a country that is smaller than the Vatican City? How wealthy is the country? Is it possible for anyone to visit Sealand? Why is Sealand so cool? How exactly do you become a baron or baroness in Sealand? The hardest part is probably financing it and years ago the lack of infrastructure due to the lack of finance. It was very hard! It is for our supporters to decide if it has a cool factor or not. Link to www.sealandgov.org
Do you have any plans to "modernize" Sealand and try to give it a more modern feel such as done by Sheikh Rashid for Dubai to go from Sandy Dunes to Skyscrapers? Also how has becoming a prince affected your youth as you said it all happened when you were 14. Do you have the Sheikh's phone number? I have to say I didn't exactly have a normal youth. When I wrote in my book I slept with an automatic pistol under my pillow for years my daughter was horrified and said that's just not normal daddy and you just drop it in your book as a one liner! Like everyone does it. Don't they I replied.
What is your favorite part of living in Sealand? Peace and quiet.
Has a ship ever hit your country? If so what would you do about it? No one hasn't. Well I don't suppose I would be particularly happy.
Oh lord it's you, why exactly did prince roy decide to choose HM Fort Roughs. Why did he settle there? How does your country make money? What do you mean "Oh lord" its me? It was one of two wartime fortresses left in international waters where this could be done. as soon as we declared our intentions the British government sent the Marines out to blow the other one up. We took that as a good sign.
I'd like to hear more about your national football team. How many players are on the team? Is it made up purely of permanent residents of Sealand? (According to wikipedia the population is only 27, is this correct?) Who does the team play against? Link to www.sealandgov.org they have been mostly celebs and ex footballers. We play international games and have played the Chagos islands and Alderney so far. We are off to a 5 day event in the isle of Man this summer.
Is gay marriage legal in Sealand? We have conducted perfectly legal weddings in the past. The last vote we had on homosexuality was for it not to be made compulsory. We haven't held a vote on gay marriages. come on chuck a few irons in this fire (so to speak!)
If I purchase it, can I move there and have slaves work the fields? We don't have any fields.
How does one become a serf in Sealand? Learn to do as your told. Now be quiet ha ha.
How do I get a lord and lady title for Sealand? I would like me and my wife to get one.. Link to www.sealandgov.org
How can I attain Sealand citizenship and join your national football team? Are there any plans to attempt to join UEFA? Who will the team play? Have any matches been scheduled? Link to www.sealandgov.org
We also have a Sealand football facebook with all the details of up and coming matches soon to be announced.
Didn't havenco already exist and fail? Edit: Link: Link to en.wikipedia.org. Yes. Different havenco.
What do you feel about being a monarchy? Is it hereditary? What do you think about hereditery monarchies? They should be around as long as the citizens want them to be.
If I Join the Knights of the Sovereign Military Order of Sealand, would this literally mean that I am a knight whose job would be to Defend the Principality? I am very interested Please PM me with any information on regards to how this works. Thank you. You would be invited to defend the Principality but it would not be demanded of you.Please look on the website for details. www.sealandgov.org.
Are you planning on turning it into a tax haven and attract investments? To some extent.
I read a piece a few years back with an interview with Ryan Lackey, who describes the first go-round of Havenco and it all sounds pretty haphazard and motley. Not sure if he blames you specifically or some other advisor-figure, but can you give some of your side of what went down there and how the new version deals with the infrastructure issues he mentions? Hey it was their idea I hardly new how to turn my laptop on at the time. It went wrong for various reasons mainly due to timing. Front page of WIRED magazine without a server UPS, power source, or internet link. when that was eventually all put together ( I was far more physically involved by then) the bubble burst the Soviet Union collapsed and our offshore services were to expensive!(I know how to turn the thing on now and a little more but more importantly we have good advisor's, partners and my grown up sons are involved) so more interesting times on the way!! www.havenco.com.
How does Sealand create coins and passports? Do you custom order them? Yes from around the world in secure establishments.
Do you think it is reasonable for someone to start their own micronation without an island? What are your tips for doing so? I have met many people who have at artistic events around the world that I get invited to but they are on a different level expense and territory wise but they are great people and gaining in number almost daily.
Do you retain any British citizenship? Yes I am also proud to be "English"
Once you get over the novelty of Sealand you realize it's a nation of attention starved people. I think the last thing we are is attention starved. We seem to have your attention right now and several others? Now years ago before the internet and telephone or radio contact the supply boat would go and promise to come back in two weeks and it ran into several weeks without any means of finding out why. Then we were attention starved. Or just plain starved!
A quick Google search says 27. I'd like confirmation on this. That figure is based on a census we ran in 2002 I believe
It really would be amazing to see Sealand become a permaculture oasis in the middle of the ocean. That would be great all we need is the dollars to do it.
I think they also host web services of a nature such that they could not be legal in a country with international obligations. Some things can be frowned upon in certain jurisdictions while perfectly legal or acceptable in others. We do recognise an international responsibility
As a person who have the national anthem of Sealand as a ringtone (not kidding), I want to ask, if i need a visa to visit Sealand even if i got my Sealand ID and noble title. And if is there any kind of organization (UN like) of micronations. Sorry for my bad English. Now that's a supporter!! All visitors need a visa. I think there is but I am not sure if we have got involved.
Your grace, I just came here to say that I'm a lord of Sealand, therefore I'm at your service whenever it is required. That is all. Link to i.imgur.com. Great! thanks for your support!
You can order them here: Link to www.sealandgov.org. Apparently you can also choose to own a part of Sealand, I'm curious to know what that means. You can show your support by purchasing a small part of Sealand territory. We appreciate support in every way.
I know where I'm going if there is ever a zombie outbreak... That's cool I will look out for you.
Their basketball team is the Dribbling Seamen. So you think we should send them to Korea? Didn't someone else try that diplomacy?
My boyfriend bought me a Lady title for my birthday last year and I demanded everyone call me by my sealand name. Being a Lady is so wonderful! That's great thank you for your support.
What do you think of your contries representation in the popular japanese cartoon hetalia. Its great and its unbelievable the huge following the cartoon has. I would be gretat to honour the write Author.
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